Pharmacist Spotlight: Holly Sightler

Hawthorne Pharmacist Spotlight

Meet Holly Sightler, PharmD our Pharmacy Manager at Hawthorne Taylor Pharmacy.

Where did you go to school?
I went to The University of South Carolina for undergrad and The SC College of Pharmacy, Columbia campus for Pharmacy school.

How long have you been with Hawthorne?
January started my 5th year!

What made you want to go into pharmacy?
It started my senior year of high school after picking up prescriptions for my sick grandmother. The pharmacist knew who I was and remembered everything my grandma had mentioned to him about her family. He was also very well known in the community and left a huge impression on everyone in town. He then became one of my mentors and helped me get into pharmacy school.

Why did you choose Hawthorne Pharmacy?
Hawthorne had a great reputation in pharmacy school. I remember our professors talking about local pharmacies and Hawthorne was at the top of the list. I always knew I wanted to work with an independent and Hawthorne is a perfect fit!

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I like that we are usually the first line of contact for patients and are readily accessible for questions. 

What do you enjoy most about working in the community you're in?
I love that we have such a good mixture of people and cultures in Columbia. It keeps things very interesting to interact with so many different walks of life.

Are you involved in any organizations? If so, which ones?
I'm certified for CPR, Immunizations, and diabetes management

Any hobbies? Fun facts?
I'm really involved with my church. I help with the nursery and event planning! I have three kids, 2-year-old twins, and an 8-year-old. We love anything to do with the water. Our favorite place to be is in the lake on our boat!


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