Spring into good health!

It may still feel like winter in many parts of the country, but the calendar tells us spring is near. As the sun and warmer weather arrive, what better time to spring into good health! Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  • Clean. A good spring cleaning is a great way to reduce allergens. Less clutter can also have mental health benefits.
  • Get outside. Did you know that just ten minutes in a natural setting can make you feel happier and reduce both physical and mental stress? Spending time in nature can improve mood, focus, and even affect your blood pressure and heart rate.2 Take advantage of the longer days and milder weather to spend more time outside. 
  • Be mindful. There really is research to support the adage “Enjoy the moment – life is short!” Studies have shown that being mindful can help you reduce stress, better cope with difficult situations, and reduce anxiety.3 So, take a moment and breath in the fresh spring air! 
  • Move more. After being cooped up all winter, warmer temperatures mean more chances to move your exercise routines outside. From losing weight and reducing health risks to simply boosting your mood moving more can have big impacts on your health.4
  • Try something new. New experiences can lead to increased happiness.5 This month, why not try a new food or recipe, take up the new hobby, or explore somewhere you’ve never been? What better time than spring to try something new! 
  • Get some sun. The sun provides vital Vitamin D which plays a big role in bone health. Just a few minutes of exposure can be enough to reach your daily value.6 If you are going to be out longer, however, be sure to protect your skin with sunscreen.

How Hawthorne Can Help

For many of us, spring marks a time of renewal. As the cold weather starts to lessen and the trees start to green and flowers begin to blossom, take a moment to appreciate the changing of the seasons. How will you spring into wellness this season?

The team at Hawthorne Pharmacy wants to make your transition to the Spring season painless.  Transferring your prescriptions is easy, and we offer free local next-day delivery Monday through Friday. You can even order medication refills and communicate with our pharmacists through the RxLocal App!

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Nothing herein constitutes medical advice, diagnosis or treatment, or is a substitute for professional advice.  You should always seek the advice of your physician or other medical professional if you have questions or concerns about a medical condition.


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