A Personalized Service

Occasionally your doctor might prescribe a medication that isn’t sold from a medication manufacturer. Our compounding pharmacists are able to make a medication that has the dosage you need and the delivery method you need. We can even compound medication to make it taste better! As one of the few pharmacies in the area that offers this service, we take it very seriously and adhere to strict quality and safety standards. 

Compounding at Work


We have the capabilities to make capsules with the exact amount of medication the physician wants. The medication can be in a capsule for immediate release, a slow-release formulation, or in combination with other drugs.


This is absorbing medications in the mouth and is preferred in some cases for faster onset of action or avoiding swallowing problems. We can compound either drops or lozenge containing many different medicines.


Administering medications through the skin is preferred in many cases when patients are unable to swallow or when a local affect is necessary. This varies from applying an absorption enhanced gel containing a narcotic or anti-nausea medication for absorption into the blood stream to applying non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for a local affect.


Many drugs can be administered rectally when necessary. We have the capability to compound suppositories containing many different medications.


Hawthorne Pharmacy has invested in equipment that allow us to prepare sterile inject-able medicines custom made for the patient.


Whether to avoid allergic reactions or simply to make a drug taste better, we can customize the standard method of delivery, dosage forms, strength, and flavor for your pets.

Compounded Prescription Procedure

Thank you for allowing Hawthorne Pharmacy to handle your compounded prescription. Here is the process we take when we receive any compounded prescription. Please contact us if you have any questions about our compounded prescription procedure or any general questions. 

  1. Your prescription will be sent to our compounding lab at 1520 Taylor Street in Columbia. 
  2. Before your compounded prescription is made, you will receive a phone call from our lab to confirm the cost, when the prescription will be ready for pick up, and pick up location.
  3. If you have not heard from the compounding lab within 24 hours of drop-off, or have any general questions, please call us at 803-227-4452.
  4. The typical turnaround time for compounded medications is 24 to 48 hours. (Pick up times may vary at different Hawthorne Pharmacy locations.)

Sterile Preparation Capabilities


Many times we are asked to prepare a sterile medication for injection. This may be due to a manufacturer being unable to supply a medication or a patient needing a specialized formulation. These injections range from medications to treat pain, erectile dysfunction, to treating vitamin deficiencies.

Eye Drops and Intraocular Injection

Ophthalmologists request many new and different medication strengths to be administered into the eye. These medications may be in the form of a suspension.  To prevent infection, these medications must be made using special equipment. We can customize these suspensions to the specifications of the physician and patient while maintaining their sterility.

Hormone Replacement

We specialize is bio-identical hormone replacement. We’re happy to answer any questions about the process. 

Get It Delivered

We offer free local next day delivery Monday through Friday. We require a signature for delivery and an ID for any controlled medications.