Summer Skincare: Pharmacy Tips

As much as we love to enjoy the warmth and vibrancy of the sun, we know that there can be too much of a good thing. Get all our best tips here to keep your skin healthy while spending quality time in the sun.

How do I protect my skin from the sun? 

When you’re not under the shade of an umbrella or a palm tree, your skin needs help to stay protected. Don’t forget, sun exposure happens any time you’re outdoors, near windows, or around reflective surfaces (like water). For the healthiest skin, we recommend that families use sunblock daily—especially during all the summer fun! 

Types of sunscreen 

  • Mineral: These are the classic sunscreens that we apply at the beach or by the pool. These products may go on thicker and last longer. They contain ingredients like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, creating a physical barrier between the skin and harmful rays. 
  • Chemical: This is a lighter product that has become quite popular for cosmetics and daily wear. A chemical sunscreen works by absorbing the UV rays when they reach your skin. This may be a more comfortable option, but it requires more frequent re-application than physical sunscreens. 

What are the risks of sun exposure? 

Sun protection goes beyond simply preventing a bad tan line or a painful burn. The light emitted by the sun is made up of UV (ultraviolet) radiation, which affects our skin in different ways.  

UVB rays affect the outer layer of our skin where we experience tans, burns, and melanoma (a type of skin cancer). UVA rays travel deeper into our skin, causing wrinkles, aging, and cell damage (which contributes to some skin cancers). 

What is a good summer skincare routine? 

Whatever the season, the basics stay the same: healthy skin needs to be cleansed, nourished, and protected. See below for our recommendations based on skin type. 

  • Sensitive: To avoid irritation, look for fragrance-free products and limit the active ingredients. Be sure to spot-test your sunscreen to make sure it is safe for your skin. 
  • Normal: If your skin’s doing well, stick with a simple routine with gentle or moderate products. To fight against wrinkles and sun damage, consider incorporating a retinol into your nighttime routine. 
  • Dry: Focus on locking in the moisture you have—don’t use too much cleanser. A lack of moisture can increase your risk of sun damage, so be sure to wear sun protection. 
  • Oily: Get rid of excess oil with a foaming cleanser but go easy on the moisturizer. Keep in mind that exfoliating cleansers like AHAs (Alpha-Hydroxy Acids) can make you more sensitive to sunlight. 
  • Combination: Don't be afraid to spot-treat where needed and avoid over-moisturizing the oily areas. Drinking water, especially in the heat, can help with balance and hydration. 

How do I keep my skin healthy during the summer? 

Although you may not worry about having dry skin during the summer months, there are other factors that may impact your skin. Because heat and humidity can open up your pores, it is important to keep a healthy moisture balance to act as a barrier against debris. Heat can also increase your oil production which may cause irritation or acne.

If you're looking to start an updated skincare routine for summer, we're here to help with all your cosmetic and prescription products. Get in touch with us or visit one of our locations to speak with an expert today.

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