75 Years of Serving the Midlands

A Customer-Focused Foundation 

In 1949, Hawthorne Pharmacy and Medical Equipment opened its first location in the Columbia community. Three-quarters of a century later, the pharmacy continues to serve the Midlands from its eight locations.

Hawthorne Pharmacy can trace its roots to Charlotte, North Carolina. Dr. Wilkins Harden worked at a pharmacy on Hawthorne Lane, borrowing part of the address for its name. Dr. Harden took the name with him when he relocated to Columbia, South Carolina.

Patient-Centered Health at our core

Dr. Harden’s dream was to open a true apothecary. In 1949, most pharmacies housed soda fountains and sold novelty items. Dr. Harden wanted to focus on doctors’ needs and their patients’ health. He also wanted to educate the community about health and create lasting relationships with customers.

Horace Kaiser, a local pharmacist, and USC graduate, shared that vision and partnered with Dr. Harden. By 1960, the two men had opened their second location on the corner of Hampton and Gregg Streets.

In those early days, Kaiser and Harden filled more than prescriptions—the two men filled nearly every role in the pharmacy, including writing and printing newsletters and creating a directory of statewide physicians. Their efforts were all designed to support area doctors and improve health outcomes in the community.

Supporting Our Communities

75 years later, we honor that tradition through our dedication to customer service, our commitment to our patients' diverse and specialized health needs with services like compounding, and our loyalty to the community. We support impactful organizations across the Midlands like Harvest Hope (our state’s largest food bank), Cure Sanfilippo Foundation, which advocates for and funds research directed towards a cure and treatment for patients with Sanfilippo Syndrome, and MIRCI, which works to improve mental wellness in our area.

Today, the pharmacy has locations in Aiken, Camden, Lugoff, Pelion, West Columbia, Winnsboro, and on both Taylor and Laurel Streets in Columbia. While the pharmacy has grown, it continues to deliver personalized care through its compounding, wide selection of medical equipment, and public events like free health seminars

But whether you’ve been with us for all 75 years or are just now discovering the benefits of trusting us as your local pharmacy, we wouldn’t have made it this far without folks like you. So, thank you.

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