Hawthorne Sponsors Local Senior Health Events

This fall, Hawthorne Pharmacy is sponsoring two senior health events in the Midlands area. As an independent pharmacy that delivers personalized pharmaceutical care, we know how valuable it is to stay active later in life. These local events are a fun opportunity for seniors to learn new skills, make connections, and get moving. 

Midlands Senior Games in Richland Country 

Richland County Recreation will be hosting the 36th Annual Senior Games from September 11-15, 2023.  Activities like golf, archery, pickleball, table tennis, track & field free throw, and more will be offered at recreation facilities across Richland County over this week of festivities. 

Whether you’ve been reminiscing over a sport from the “good old days,” you’re curious about trying a new activity, or you want to make a new friend, this is the perfect week to get out and go for it! 

Lexington County Senior Sports Games 

Hosted by the Lexington County Recreation and Aging Commission, this event features a full week of fun and games including sports tournaments, raffle prizes, indoor activities, and a “cake” walk. Each morning, participants are invited to a local leisure center or sports facility to compete in events like bowling, basketball, darts, and even a parade.  

This jam-packed week is a great way to see new places within Lexington, West Columbia, and Irmo. Maybe you’ll even discover a hidden talent! 

More ways to stay mobile, active, and healthy 

Being active later in life can encompass much more than repetitive exercises. While that’s a great place to begin, the key to cultivating a healthy life is engaging with culture in all its forms. Here are some ideas for senior-friendly activities that can spark joy and enrich your life: 

  • Cultural events: Look for family-oriented activities, religious services, or theatre, music, and art events in your community. 
  • Recreational centers: Classes, clubs, programs, and activity guides are a great way to stay fit and keep you accountable. 
  • Shopping & Dining: Trying new restaurants or shops keeps you active and curious. 
  • Service: Volunteering or finding a part-time job can help you make connections with people around you and provides a sense of purpose. 

Your Neighborhood Pharmacy

Hawthorne Pharmacy is here to walk through life with you. Whenever you need help with prescriptions, medical equipment, or medication advice, our pharmacists are happy to talk. Give us a call or visit in person at one of our locations today!

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