Pharmacist Spotlight: Cara Jones

Hawthorne Pharmacist Spotlight

Meet Cara Jones, PharmD our Pharmacy Manager at Hawthorne Lugoff Pharmacy.

Where did you go to school?
I attended undergrad at Clemson University before completing pharmacy school in 2011 at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.

How long have you been with Hawthorne?
I have been with Hawthorne Pharmacy in Lugoff since July 2016.

What made you want to go into pharmacy?
I'm a caregiver by nature. Throughout high school and college, I realized that pharmacy would be a wonderful career that would combine my love for helping people with my talents in math and science. I was fortunate to grow up with many pharmacists in my family, from my father and uncle to both of my sisters-in-law, and realized that the profession of pharmacy is a good fit for many different types of people and I would be able to focus on using my strengths to help as many people as possible.

Why did you choose Hawthorne Pharmacy?
Hawthorne Pharmacy has always had a reputation for going above and beyond to assist their patients. After working for an independent pharmacy in Augusta, Georgia for five years, I knew that I wanted to continue on as a community-based, independent pharmacist and move closer to my hometown of Blythewood. I was delighted when a position opened up at Hawthorne Pharmacy in Lugoff because I knew that I would be able to continue my pharmacy career in a positive and enthusiastic environment. I am very fortunate to be able to use my position as a pharmacist in a small town to invest in the community and connect with as many people as possible. I'm proud to work with an independent pharmacy that values people, both in front of and behind the counter. 

What do you enjoy most about your work?
I have the best coworkers you could possibly ask for. I work with an amazing group of women that consistently provide compassion and care to the community while working with an amazing sense of teamwork. I know that when I walk through the doors of the pharmacy, I will be surrounded by a team that does its very best to stay positive and helpful in even the toughest situations.

What do you enjoy most about working in the community you're in?
I enjoy being able to connect with the community and be someone that my patients can trust when they have questions. It makes my day to be able to bring someone comfort or security when it comes to their health. My favorite moments are when I receive a phone call from someone in the community that is confused about a medication, disease state, or even insurance and we are able to discuss it until they feel comfortable and confident. 

Do you have an area of expertise (specializations, certifications, training)?
Prior to coming to Hawthorne, I specialized in prescription compounding and hormone replacement therapy. I also worked as a Residency Site Coordinator for the local pharmacy school and precepted students from multiple pharmacy schools across the country. I have always been driven to understand and educate patients on different endocrine and hormone disorders like diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, metabolic syndrome, and menopause. I have a passion for educating the public as well as future pharmacists. 

Are you involved in any organizations? If so, which ones?
I am a member of the National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) and the South Carolina Pharmacy Association (SCPhA).

Any hobbies? Fun facts?
I have an 8-year-old Great Dane named Remi and enjoy relaxing in nature, especially in the mountains. In my spare time, I love to craft and paint and have an interest in photography. I have an attitude that I am capable of doing just about anything that I set my mind to, so I try a lot of hobbies!

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