Staff Spotlight: Lindsey Hohlwein

Meet Lindsey Hohlwein one of our Pharmacy Techs at Hawthorne Sunset Pharmacy.

How long have you been with Hawthorne?

I graduated from Columbia College with my Bachelors in Biology, and I began my career here at Hawthorne Pharmacy in the summer of 2017.

Why did you choose Hawthorne Pharmacy?

I have always wanted to work for an independent pharmacy that cares about the core values within the heart of each employee.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love how I can see a patient, whether in our pharmacy or around town, and we know each other on a first-name basis. Genuine care for the families we help daily is the best feeling in our community.

Are you involved in any organizations?

A passion of mine is helping people who live with multiple sclerosis, and I have been blessed to connect with MS patients through MS LifeLines and just listen to their concerns and daily struggles. There isn’t always an answer, but just knowing there is someone who cares and will listen, hopefully, helps everyone to have a brighter day.

Any hobbies? Fun facts?

I am married to my best friend, and with 4 kids and 3 dogs, we are always on the go. We love football season because then we get to watch our Carolina Gamecocks….win or lose. We also spend the best part of our summers with my family who come here to visit from Wichita, Kansas, where I was born and raised. Any time I get to spend with my family is a blessing.

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