Updating Your Safety Kit for Summer

If you and your family are packing up for summer excursions, it’s time to examine your safety kit as well.  

Most of these supplies are good to have on hand year-round. During the summer, they’re essentials. Read on to find out if there are any gaps in your summer first aid supplies. Then, let the fun begin! 

What first aid supplies do I need for summer? 

Think of your first aid basics as anything that helps to treat pain, injuries, or sickness. Having these items nearby to access quickly should be the top priority in building your first aid kit.  


  • Acetaminophen (e.g. Tylenol) reduces pain and fevers by increasing pain tolerance. 
  • Ibuprofen (e.g. Advil) reduces pain and fevers by lowering inflammation. 
  • Diphenhydramine (e.g. Benadryl) reduces allergies by blocking histamine (a response that causes itching). 
  • Bismuth subsalicylate (e.g. Pepto Bismol) relieves stomach irritation by reducing indigestion and slowing bowel movements.  

Topical Treatments 

  • Isopropyl alcohol cleans minor wounds. It can also be used to keep ears clean and dry after swimming. 
  • Eye drops can gently cleanse and soothe eyes while flushing out irritants. 
  • Ointments with healing and antibiotic properties treat scratches and scrapes. 
  • Antihistamine creams relieve itching from bites and stings. 

Bandages and tools 

  • Coverings like bandages, gauze pads, and wraps.
  • Adhesives like safety pins and tape. 
  • Tools like tweezers, swabs, and gloves. 

What should I pack for heat protection? 

Whenever you’re spending time in the sun—no matter how long—your safety kit should be stocked with these supplies. 


  • Water is essential for protection against overheating as well as for reviving your body when heat exhaustion does occur. 
  • Electrolytes are beneficial before and after spending time in the heat. Caffeine-free supplements are recommended. 


  • Skin protection like sunscreen, hats, and loose clothing can keep your body cool and prevent burns. 
  • Cooling towels speed up evaporation on the skin, helping to lower your body temperature. 
  • Fans are a helpful addition to increase airflow in case of an emergency. 

Other summer safety essentials: 

With these final additions, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way. 

  • Flashlight 
  • Bug spray 
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Instant ice packs 
  • Spare clothing 

If you need to stock up on any of these safety supplies, we can help. At Hawthorne Pharmacy, we're committed to keeping our community safe, healthy, and happy. So now that your first aid kit is covered, go have some fun in the sun!

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