What Is A Good Skin Care Routine?

People largely seem to start caring about their skin when it starts to show signs of damage. However, the truth is that you should start caring for your skin by establishing a regular routine for it early in life. One of the biggest issues people face or are scared of facing is a visage full of wrinkles. If you want to treat or prevent wrinkles or want to clear up some acne or just want to keep it looking hydrated and healthy, a good skincare routine that can really benefit you is best to work into your life. Here are the top things you must do to keep your skin looking well-nourished.

Cleanse Your Face of Dirt

In a proper skincare routine, a sequence is very important. As such, it is important to start with a clean, fresh face that can adequately absorb the products you will be using. You are going to want to use a cleansing agent that is specially formulated to be applied to your skin type. Many people find that they prefer gentler formulas, as they can be more comfortable, especially for those with sensitive skin.

Use any Topical Medical Products You Have

If you have a particularly bad case of blemishes that require a prescription treatment by your dermatologist, now is the time to use it. A lot of medicated ointments or serums have severe drying agents that can cause cracking or breaking of the skin. Make sure you do not rub it in too hard, not causing undue pressure with your fingertips. Many dermatologists recommend their products are massaged into the skin, with a small, circular motion. However, every medicine is different, so be sure to speak to your specialist about it. Many people like medications because they can be quite effective, but it does require you to stick to a schedule in order to see the best results.

Apply Your Eye Cream of Choice

The skin directly around your eyes is thinner and more sensitive than just about anywhere else on your body. In order to keep the skin healthy, it requires its own product. Eye creams come in an array of varieties, with eye brightening and puffiness reducing qualities being high on the list. No matter what you want, you are sure to find the perfect eye cream for your routine.

Keep it Moisturized and Hydrated

Once you have finished your skincare routine, including a thorough wash of your skin and application of favored eye cream, it is so important to give your face a coat of a facial lotion with high moisture content. This will keep your skin looking fresh all day long, and will boost your production of collagen, preventing any wrinkles from forming.

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