Why Choose an Independent Pharmacy?

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting your prescriptions filled in the Midlands of South Carolina. In most towns, it’s very easy to locate more than one big box chain pharmacy. When these options are so plentiful, why choose an independent pharmacy like Hawthorne?

Aside from the usual benefits of shopping at a locally owned business, an independent pharmacy can offer exceptional service and attention to your health that you simply won’t find at a chain retail pharmacy.

We offer personalized, attentive service—over a full range of services.

Our staff takes time to get to know our patients, and we care about your health. We're not just here to hand you your medication and shuttle you out the door. 

Maybe you feel rushed through visits to the doctor, and wish you had someone who could answer your questions about medication, medical equipment, and more. An independent pharmacy like Hawthorne is a great place to find knowledgeable staff experienced in complex care who will take the time to address your healthcare questions and concerns. 

For instance, we'll show you how to use your new glucose monitor or nebulizer, instead of sending you off with a bag of supplies you have no idea how to set up or use. 

While this is by no means an exhaustive list, here are some topics our staff can help you navigate:

We work hard to get you the medication you need, at a price you can afford.

At Hawthorne, we understand how important it is for you to get your medication.

If there is a problem for whatever reason, we are usually able to work with both you and your prescriber to find a solution.

Maybe you need a form of medication that is not commercially available. We can communicate with your prescriber and have our compounding lab make medicine that works for you. 

Need help navigating your insurance coverage, or finding your medication at a lower cost? We'll work to assist you there, too.

We are very knowledgeable about getting your medication covered by insurance, and can contact your doctor when prior authorization is needed from your insurance company. We've had patients who were unable to afford expensive medications, and have worked with prescribers to find a more cost effective alternative. Sometimes, we can also help out by providing coupons. 

And believe it or not, our medication ordering system is more convenient than that of the typical chain pharmacy. Often, we can have your medication the next day.

"Having worked in a large chain retail store for several years before working at Hawthorne Pharmacy, I have realized the difference all boils down to the Hawthorne staff and dedication. We use our time and resources to help our patients on an individual level. We get to know our patients and actually want to assist when there is an issue with insurance coverage or availability of a medication, instead of handing the problem back to the patient for them to resolve."

—Charlotte Anderson, PharmD for Hawthorne Pharmacy

Our pharmacists build lasting relationships with our patients.

So many of our pharmacy staff members are on a first-name basis with their patients. Why? Because caring is part of our business model.

When you make Hawthorne your regular pharmacy, we’re going to take the time to get to know you on a personal level. We’re invested in seeing this community—and the people that are a part of it—thrive. Many of our pharmacists and technicians grew up in the communities that they now serve, and some of our patients have coming to Hawthorne for decades!

Getting to know you is a pleasure and also makes it easier for us to help you keep your wellbeing on track. 

"I've always liked the independent pharmacy environment, because it allows me to help patients and have relationships with them. I've known my longest-running patients for about 30 years."

—Daniel Painter, PharmD for Hawthorne Pharmacy

We’re easy to reach.

Another pharmacy may be closer to your home or work, but you might be surprised by how our level of attention and service provides more convenience, despite any extra distance traveled.

"We make a habit of calling our patients immediately if anything comes up when filling a prescription," says pharmacist Charlotte Anderson. "We know the value of our patients' time, and we do not want to waste it." 

Transferring your prescriptions is easy, and we offer free local next-day delivery Monday through Friday. You can even order medication refills and communicate with our pharmacists through the RxLocal App!

Almost all of our locations have a drive-thru, and every location offers curbside pickup. We can even bring you over-the-counter products when you come to pick up your prescriptions, so you can get everything you need while staying in the car.

Come visit one of our eight locations throughout the Midlands, give us a call, or ask a question using our online contact form.

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